Why You Should Only Use A Boar Bristle Brush On Your Beard

What Is A Boar Hair Beard Brush?

A beard brush is a brush specifically designed for a man’s beard. It contains real boars hair bristles from a wild boar. It tames wild hairs and distributes oils.

It will also 10x your beard game.

Straighter, cleaner, shinier. These are the things a boar hair beard brush can give to you and your beard.

TIP: Get a brush made out of natural fibers like boar bristle. If you get a cheap brush made with vinyl or some other kind of plastic bristles, it can create static, pull hairs, and damage your beard more than if you didn’t use the brush at all. MAKE SURE IT’S NATURAL, LIKE BOAR!

Why You Need A Beard Brush Today

If you’d like to get into more details, we’ve broken down the 4 ways you’ll benefit by using a natural boar brush on your facial hair.


Brushing your beard regularly actually helps keep it clean, and combined with a good balm for conditioning purposes, should be your regular cleaning method (versus shampooing daily – don’t do that, it’ll strip your beard of the oils it needs to remain healthy and looking great).

You see, throughout the day and night, a hair here and there will come out and remain in your beard. It stops becoming part of the whole at this point, and can both look bad and fall out at inopportune times (meeting, dinner, date, you get the idea) if you don’t brush regularly.

As you brush, the bristles will reach deep into your beard and remove these loose hairs.

It can also help remove oil and dead skin from against your face, ensuring that you don’t suffer from break outs or a sub-optimal hair growing environment.

So from removing dead hair to keeping your face clean and healthy, you’re going to want to get this to use daily.


Basically, you’ll look better with the use of a beard brush.

Brushing daily helps keep all the hairs in check. Not only will it remove stray ones as mentioned above, but it’ll lay everything down flatter than if you don’t use one.

Now it’s not going to be like a hair straightener, that would be more like magic than some natural fibers at work. But, it’ll give you a noticeably smoother, shinier, and straighter beard.

If you’re looking to up your style game and are wondering how to get your beard to the next level of clean, crispness, a brush is an absolute must. Without a brush, you’re left with your hands, maybe a comb, but each of those options lacks when it comes to an efficient way of ensuring your beard hairs are lying flat and where you want them to be.

Think about it – you’re either pushing your beard hair and shaping it with your palms or fingers, which will mostly just make it look clumped together or scraggly. A comb can help, but we recommend using it as part of your grooming routine before you do the heavy work with the brush – a comb just can’t deal with setting everything into place on a large scale like your beard.


Ever feel like your hair has a mind of its own and will grow whatever direction it wants?

With the use of a brush, you’ll be able to tame the hairs and almost force them to grow together. As they all lie down together, pointing in the same direction after a brush, the natural inclination for that hair, then, is to grow with the rest of the hairs it is next to, and perhaps even intertwined with.

For short beards, you can certainly get a bit of a style boost by brushing regularly, but it’s also really helpful for keeping your hairs pointing the right way.


One of the biggest benefits is actually the health of the hairs themselves.

You will get a shinier, stronger, softer beard by brushing.

That’s because of all the reasons we mentioned above, plus the fact that a brush distributes oil better than anything else.

So even if you use no balm or beard oil (you should), you’ll be distributing the naturally occurring hair oils, from root to tip.

Throw in a nice balm into the mix and you’re making sure that it is distributed across the entirety of your beard, on each and every hair, from top to bottom. You absolutely can’t get better coverage.

What To Look For In Your Beard Brush

First of all, there is a lot of crap that sells online these days masquerading as something it is not. Just look at some of the reviews on Amazon for beard brushes.

Things like:

  • Not boar bristle.
  • Bristles fall out after first use.
  • Rusting. Molding. Falling apart.

You get the idea. Be careful in selecting a beard brush, because too often it is cheap, contains a plastic bristle, and will actually damage your hair. So make sure it’s actually boar bristle! Also make sure it’s got a solid and hard wood handle. Like men since the 1600s, you want your brush to last you and your beard. You don’t want to be buying a new one every couple of months as if it were some cheap plastic comb from the drug store. That’s annoying, a waste of money, and inefficient.

Introducing The Best, Lab-Tested, and 100% Guaranteed Beard Brush by Liberty

How do we know so much about this? Well, we spent months building our very own, and have thousands of happy customers. We’re pretty proud of our 4.7/5 star rating on Amazon, too.

How To Use A Beard Brush

Now that you’ve picked up your beard brush, let’s go through exactly how to use it.

Step 0 – Apply Balm or Oil

First of all, apply a balm or oil. Get it worked in like you normally would. If you have a longer beard, feel free to use a comb at this point to get all the hairs pointing in roughly the same direction.

Step 1 – Brush Up

Yep. Sounds strange.

Brush upwards, from the bottom of the beard, until your beard is sticking up and puffy and looking ridiculous.

The reason we do this is to untangle hairs that may have gotten too cozy with their neighbour. This should separate everything out and give you a clean slate with which to start, making sure you’re not just brushing downwards on a bunch of hairs that are tangled.

Step 2 – Brush Down

Now that your hairs are all pointing out, you want to start bringing them all down.

Depending on your beard length, you may want to start at the top/sideburn area and work it down.

If your beard is quite long, you may want to go in stages starting closer to the bottom to make sure you’re able to get every hair.

Go over it with enough brushes to get all the hairs pointing down.

TIP: Do not over do it! It can feel great to get the bristles down into your skin, so be disciplined and make sure you’re not combing it for like 10 minutes.

You can use your hands and a comb to come in and help style a bit if you need to, but make sure you’re coming in with the brush after that to give it a final stroke. You want that even shine, that even straightness, and all the hairs pointing in the same direction.

Step 3 – Brush The Mustache (if applicable)

I had a rather long mustache going not too long ago, and I would tilt the brush a bit so that I was only using a small amount of surface area. Then I’d start in the middle of my mustache and brush each side individually. In my case, I brushed to the side. If you’ve got a “normal” mustache length, brushing down is probably where you’re at, but if you’re growing a wicked ‘stache, a brush is a great way to get all the hairs going in the right direction.

For some, this may be enough so that you don’t need a lot of wax to hold in place. Even if you are using a wax (highly recommended), it helps tremendously to have gone over with your brush before you begin application.

Step 4 – Impress everyone you meet, feel good about yourself, and achieve master beardsman status

Remember, if you’re only using balm or oil, you’re not doing enough. Liberty’s premium boar bristle brush is 100% boar bristle, lab-tested, and backed by our Gentleman’s Guarantee.

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