Ultimate Guide to Beard Oil

Your beard says a lot about you. A poorly cared for beard won’t create the impression you hope for. A well-cared for beard, on the other hand, will help promote the image of a masculine, authoritative gentleman. You know, the kind of man you can trust with important decisions.

So you’re after a professional and well-kempt beard. That all starts with proper beard grooming and maintenance. After beard shampoo and conditioner, a quality beard oil is the most important product you can use on your beard.

But not all beard oil is created equal. And there is more to choosing the best product than simply picking your favorite scent. Our guide below breaks down the properties of the best beard oils on the market. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make an educated decision on the best beard oil for your facial hair.

Benefits of Using Beard Oil

So what is beard oil all about? What does it do and why should you use it?

The basic use of beard oil is for moisturization. A quality product will moisturize your facial hair as well as your face. It softens your facial hair, reducing itching and promoting a healthier looking beard.

Most beard oils are scented. These scented products can be used as something of a cologne. Although you don’t want to go overboard, a quality beard oil gives you a hint of a masculine scent without overpowering the senses.

Beard oil can also help promote the growth of stronger, thicker facial hair. Many people claim that it actually helps facial hair grow faster. Whether or not this is true, beard oil leads to healthier facial hair, making it appear to grow better at the very least.

Beard Oil vs. Moisturizer

Why not just use your normal moisturizer on your beard? It’s probably a little cheaper than a quality beard oil.

The reason is that standard lotions are generally watered-down oils. When applied to facial hair, they actually promote the growth of bacteria. This causes the oils to go rancid, creating an unhealthy look and possibly even an unpleasant smell.

A quality beard oil, on the other hand, is almost all oil. The oil locks in the moisture, protecting your facial hair and skin from environmental effects, without promoting the growth of bacteria. The best beard oils also provide a hefty dose of nutrients.

On top of this, you don’t have to worry that beard oil will create a breakout. Unlike some moisturizers, beard oil doesn’t cause pimples. In some instances, it’s even been shown to improve the complexion of your skin by prompting the production of your skin’s natural oils.

Ingredients in Quality Beard Oil

The most important factor to look for in the best beard oils are quality ingredients. The actual ingredients used in your beard oil are the difference between a top-shelf product and a more standard product. The best beard oils contain argan and/or jojoba as their primary ingredients.

Argan is extracted from kernels of the argan tree. It softens and thickens the facial hair, making your beard immediately easier to manage. The natural oil repairs damaged whiskers, reduces breakage, and detangles your facial hair for better future growth.

Jojoba works in much the same way as argan. It’s a liquid wax made from an evergreen shrub indigenous to the Sonoran and Mohave deserts. It’s very similar to your body’s natural oils, improving its moisturizing benefits for your skin and facial hair. In a sense, a beard oil that contains jojoba helps replenish your natural oils.

A number of other ingredients are used in beard oil. Generally, these are of a slightly lesser quality than beard oil that uses argan and/or jojoba. However, some of the best beard oils use these ingredients in addition to argan and/or jojoba.

Grapeseed oil helps prevent moisture loss. When used in combination with argan and/or jojoba, it accomplishes this task just fine. When used as a primary ingredient, however, it can decrease the shelf life of the product.

Coconut oil is another second tier beard oil ingredient. While it’s nutrient rich in its natural state, it’s often refined during beard oil manufacturer. Make sure to only select those beard oils with unrefined coconut oil.
Other ingredients commonly used in beard oil include olive oil, almond oil, and hemp seed. Like Grapeseed, these ingredients are beneficial in small amounts but you should steer clear of products that use them without the additional use of argan and/or jojoba.

Proper Way to Use Beard Oil

Once you’ve found a quality beard oil, you need to ensure that you use it in the proper fashion. The most important thing you can do is start with a clean face. Achieve this by exfoliating your skin and shampooing/conditioning your facial hair.

Apply your beard oil while your beard is still damp. One or two drops does the trick. Use your hands to rub the beard oil into your facial hair. Be sure that it reaches the skin underneath.

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