Only Bosses Can Have Beards

Only Bosses Can Have Beards


That’s right.

The only men in the world that can TRULY sport a beard are Bosses. Men that own their own time.

Even if you have a beard, that does not mean that you’re a boss. Because at some point if a situation pops up………like say YOUR BOSS walks in to work and says everyone has to cut their facial hair, then guess what. You’re beard is gone out the window.

A man that owns his time can do whatever he wants to do. No one can tell him what to do because he’s in control.

He makes his own money without having to clock in to someones job. His girlfriend can’t tell him what to do because he’s unaffected.

It takes A LOT of time and effort to grow a good looking beard.

NO ONE should have the power to tell you to cut it.

Just a thought.

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